The Trust (Ashford and St Peters Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (ASPH)) fully supports the Surrey Adult Safeguarding Board Policy and Procedures as a process to effectively ensure the safety of all adults at risk of neglect and abuse and this policy should be used in conjunction with these.

The Trust acknowledges that, due to the nature of hospitals, many people who would not normally be considered at risk can be in a position where they lack capacity or have reduced control. It also recognises that the abuse or neglect of adults can occur within domestic, institutional and public settings, and as such we have a responsibility to protect patients within our care.



This Policy applies to all substantive and temporary staff who have contractual obligations to the Trust, it also covers all those working in a voluntary capacity within the organisation. Agency and contracted staff are expected to familiarise themselves with this document and to ensure that their practice is in line with the Trust’s requirements. Staff that are not directly employed by the Trust should have appropriate training from their employer and the Trust will seek reassurance from contractors to assure themselves of this.

The Trust will also consider safeguarding concerns when reviewing serious incidents and will report all appropriate concerns to the Integrated Care System (ICS), Adult Social Care (ASC) and the Care Quality Commission (CQC) as required.


Policy Details

Download: PDF version
Compiled by: Jane Mitchell
Sarah Hill and Laura Southam
Ratified by: Safeguarding Committee
Date Ratified: September 2023
Date Issued: November 2023
Review Date: September 2026
Target Audience: All staff members
Contact name: Jane Mitchell and Sarah Hill


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Protecting Your Online Privacy

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