The Trust is required to clearly define fire safety policies and procedures for all premises under its control.

There is a clear Fire Safety management structure provided in Appendix A indicating reporting lines from staff to Board level. Key personnel and contacts are given in appendix B.

Procedures include carefully prepared programs of measures for dealing with fire prevention, fire-fighting and the movement or evacuation of patients and other building occupants in an emergency. These are separately identified in associated Fire Safety Operating Procedures (FSOP), a list of which is provided in Appendix C.

The procedures include the implementation of precautionary measures to prevent the occurrence of fire, and provisions for dealing with outbreaks (including minimising the impact of fire). This Policy also includes guidance on instruction and training to ensure that every member of staff has a clear understanding of their role in the event of a fire, and to cooperate in taking effective emergency action.


Policy Details

Download: N/A
Compiled by: Keith Hayward, Head of Estates Operational Services
Ratified by: Health and Safety Committee
Date Ratified: July 2020
Date Issued: July 2020
Review Date: July 2023
Target Audience: All staff
Contact name: Steven Hill, Fire Safety Manager


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