This policy creates the framework to enable the Trust to provide accessible information in accordance with the NHS England Accessible Information Standard. Implementation of this policy will help to improve access to services, promote social inclusion and enable people to make more informed choices about their care.

NHS England state, ‘communication and or information needs must be identified at registration, upon first contact with the service or as soon as it is practicable thereafter’.

For staff, the provision of accessible information will aid communication with service users, support effective engagement and choice, personalisation, and empowerment. It will also promote the effective and efficient use of resources.


Policy Details

Download: PDF version
Compiled by: Claire Atkinson, Interim Head of Patient Experience
Amandeep Chana, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Officer
Ratified by: Learning from Patient Experience Board
Date Ratified: March 2024
Date Issued: April 2024
Review Date: March 2026
Target Audience: All staff
Contact name: Amandeep Chana


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Protecting Your Online Privacy
Protecting Your Online Privacy

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