Continuity of information is vital to the safety of patients. SAFE HANDOVER needs to occur when shifts of staff change and patients move between areas within the hospitals or transfer between specialties. The fundamental objective of handover is to share relevant and critical information to ensure that patients receive safe, efficient, high quality and responsive care. This SOP delivers the framework for all SAFE HANDOVER.

All staff looking after an individual patient needs to share relevant information about that patient.

Handing patient care safety over to another multi-disciplinary team requires good communication and co-ordination. SAFE HANDOVER requires commitment to all involved with responsibility for direct patient care. It also requires that clinical departments organise their services to facilitate clinical and social care required at all critical information on the SAFE HANDOVER.

This SOP leads the clinical the cultural awareness that SAFE HANDOVER is essential and commitment and planning need to be dedicated to ensure that critical SAFE HANDOVER is part of everyday clinical practice within Ashford and St. Peters Hospitals (ASPH).


Policy Details

Download: PDF version
Compiled by: Documentation and Practice Standards Group
Ratified by: Documentation & Practice Standards
Date Ratified: March 2024
Date Issued: March 2024
Review Date: February 2025
Target Audience: Nursing staff
Contact name: Documentation & Practice Standards


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