• Essential for management of wide range of clinical conditions
  • Oxygen is a drug and therefore requires prescribing except in emergency conditions
  • Failure to administer appropriately can result in serious harm to the patient
  • Safe implementation of oxygen therapy with appropriate monitoring is an integral part of the healthcare professional’s role



To ensure that patients who require supplementary oxygen therapy receive therapy that is appropriate to their clinical condition and in line with national guidance (BTS Guideline; Thorax, 2008).

  • Oxygen will be prescribed according to a target saturation range. The system of prescribing target saturation aims to achieve a specified outcome, rather than specifying the oxygen delivery method alone.
  • Those who administer oxygen therapy will monitor the patient and keep within the target saturation range.


Policy Details

Download: PDF version
Compiled by: Stephanie Harlow, Respiratory Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist
Ratified by: Drugs & Therapeutics Committee
Date Ratified: August 2013
Date Issued: August 2013
Review Date: August 2016
Target Audience: All clinical staff
Contact name: Stephanie Harlow, Respiratory Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist
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