Executive Summary

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that Manual Handling Operations that involve the potential risks of injury are avoided as far as is reasonably practicable. The Organisations strategy to achieve this is set out in the Policy along with advice regarding Occupational Health Services, training, accident and incident reporting, patient handling, load handling and ergonomics.

The Policy is designed to follow the most up to date guidance from the Health and Safety Executive, the Department of Health and other Professional bodies such as the Royal College Of Nursing, The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, the College of Occupational Therapist and Ergonomics Society.

The Policy outlines how the Trust will fulfil its legal and ethical obligations with due regard for the health and safety of all those who undertake moving and handling activities whilst at work.


Policy Details

Download: PDF version
Compiled by: Sue Southey, Senior Specialist Moving and Handling Advisor
Ratified by: Health and Safety Committee
Date Ratified: May 2023
Date Issued: August 2023
Review Date: May 2026
Target Audience: All staff
Contact name: Sue Southey, Senior Specialist Moving and Handling Advisor


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