Title Last Review Next Review
Accessible Information Standard and Interpretation Policy Mar-24 Mar-26
Admission, Transfer, and Discharge of Adult Patients Policy Apr-21 Apr-24
Blood Transfusion Policy for Adult Patients Apr-23 Apr-25
Blood Transfusion Policy for Neonatal and Paediatric Patients Mar-24 Mar-27
Care of the Bereaved Oct-20 Oct-23
Chaperoning Guidelines for Clinical Staff Aug-22 Jul-25
Compassionate Communication Policy May-22 May-23
Copying patients into clinical letters Apr-18 Feb-21
Covert Administration of Medication Policy Mar-24 Mar-27
Delirium Policy Mar-24 Mar-27
Dementia Care Policy Nov-21 Nov-24
Early Release of the Deceased Patient out of Normal Working Hours Jun-22 Dec-24
Enteral Feeding Policy for Adults Apr-21 Apr-24
Handling Deaths at Ashford Hospital Dec-21 Dec-24
Joint Access Policy Jul-22 Jul-23
Learning Disability Policy Apr-22 Apr-25
Management of the Deteriorating Adult Inpatient Nov-19 Nov-22
Missing Patient Policy - Local Arrangements Apr-21 Apr-24
Moving and Handling Policy May-23 May-26
Nasogastric and Orogastric Feeding Tubes (Adult) Oct-23 Oct-26
Operational Pressures Escalation Level (OPEL) Plan Jan-24 Jan-25
Organ Donation Policy Jun-24 Jun-27
Oxygen Policy Aug-13 Aug-16
Patient Consent Policy Mar-24 Mar-27
Patient Identification Policy Oct-19 Sep-21
Pressure Area Management Policy Jan-24 Jun-24
Recording of Vital Signs in Adults Jan-24 Jan-27
Resuscitation Policy Apr-24 Apr-26
Safe Handover Nursing SOP Mar-24 Feb-25
Supportive Observation Policy Dec-23 Dec-26
Trauma Operational Policy Aug-23 Aug-26
Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) Prevention Policy Mar-24 Mar-26
Verification of Expected Death by Registered Healthcare Professionals Jun-24 Jun-27
Wound Care Policy May-18 May-21


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Protecting Your Online Privacy

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