Speak up – we will listen

We welcome speaking up and we will listen. By speaking up at work you will be playing a vital role in helping us to keep improving our services for all patients and the working environment for our staff.

This policy is for all our workers. The NHS People Promise commits to ensuring that “we each have a voice that counts, that we all feel safe and confident to speak up, and take the time to really listen to understand the hopes and fears that lie behind the words”.

We want to hear about any concerns you have, whichever part of the organisation you work in. We know some groups in our workforce feel they are seldom heard or are reluctant to speak up. You could be an agency worker, bank worker, locum or student. We also know that workers with disabilities, or from a minority ethnic background or the LGBTQ+ community do not always feel able to speak up.

This policy is for all workers, and we want to hear all our workers’ concerns.

We ask all our workers to complete the online training on speaking up. The online module on listening up is specifically for managers to complete and the module on following up is for senior leaders to complete.

You can find out more about what Freedom to Speak Up (FTSU) is in these videos.


Policy Details

Download: PDF version
Compiled by: Elizabeth Tysoe, Freedom to Speak Up Guardian
Ratified by: TEC (Chair’s Action)
Date Ratified: November 2023
Date Issued: December 2023
Review Date: November 2026
Target Audience: All staff
Contact name: Elizabeth Tysoe


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Protecting Your Online Privacy

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