The Trust requires complete, accurate and timely information to support the delivery of its core business objectives and the monitoring of activity and performance for internal and external management purposes. Data quality in the context of this policy relates to the collection and recording of data, and the entry of data electronically on trust-wide systems.



Good data quality is critical to ensuring a number of functions and objectives of the Trust and this document is designed to provide a framework of guidance and instruction for all staff involved in the collection, use and management of data to follow by:

  • Delivering efficient patient care through the provision of accurate and timely data
  • Minimising clinical risk
  • Adhering to clinical governance and ensuring that accurate data is available to identify areas for improving clinical care
  • Administrative processes which provide efficient means of communicating with patient and carers
  • Providing reliable information on all aspects of the Trusts performance to the board and stakeholders
  • Measuring the Trusts performance and comparing it with that of peers and national trends
  • Compliance with legislation
  • Adhering to Government initiatives and strategic programmes
  • The effective use of resources (people, equipment, services)
  • Commissioning data


Policy Details

Download: PDF version
Compiled by: Simon Berry, Head of Information Services
Ratified by: Information Governance Steering Group
Date Ratified: April 2023
Date Issued: June 2023
Review Date: April 2026
Target Audience: Trust-wide
Contact name: Simon Berry, Head of Information Services


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Protecting Your Online Privacy

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