Hopefully, you will have enough information about our key departments and specialties from the “who we are” section (and the links on our website).

In this section, we have more details on our patient services and communications.


Services for which we are entitled to charge a fee:

Service Fees
Subject Access to Health Record £50.00
Electronic computer print out and or X-ray on a CD £10.00


We do not charge for materials supplied in any FOI request. However, if the completion of the request would exceed 18 staff hours or comprise an exceptionally large amount of photocopying, a charge may be required to be paid before materials are released. We shall make this clear to the requester on acknowledgement of the request. The majority of requests received since the inception of the Act have been resolved through email contact or via direction to the appropriate document on our website.


Protecting Your Online Privacy
Protecting Your Online Privacy

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