The Ashford & St. Peter’s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust needs to ensure that the Ashford and St. Peter’s Hospitals’ Charitable Fund (the Charity) is fulfilling its potential to maximise income, in order to support both hospitals with extras that are above and beyond what is provided by normal NHS funding.

As a registered Charity it benefits from several significant tax advantages and, in general, gains a high level of trust from the general public. In return, the Charity has a legal duty to comply with charity law, the regulatory requirements of the Charity Commission, and it also has a moral duty to ensure that all donations are used effectively and in a timely manner. The Trustee of the Charity is responsible for the Charity’s activities, and this is executed via the Charitable Funds Committee (CFC).


Policy Details

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Compiled by: Nicola Oliver, Fundraising Manager
Ratified by: ASPH Charitable Funds Committee
Date Ratified: September 2022
Date Issued: March 2023
Review Date: March 2025
Target Audience: All NHS staff at Ashford and St. Peter's Hospitals
Contact name: Nicola Oliver


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Protecting Your Online Privacy

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